Author: Siddharth Bharath

Sid is an author, entrepreneur, and the VP of growth at Thinkific. Follow him on Twitter @Siddharth87.

By siddharth-bharath published February 26, 2016

How to Increase Conversions at Each Stage of the Customer Journey


Visitors interact with your brand six to eight times on average before they become customers, according to several studies.

Keeping that in mind, does it make sense to treat visitors on their first interaction the same as those on their sixth? Trying to get a visitor at the start of the journey to purchase immediately is a waste of time and energy. It might even drive them away.Continue Reading

By siddharth-bharath published December 15, 2015

How to Test Short-Form Content Before Making Long-Form Investment


The Michelin Guide is probably one of the best examples of content marketing. Back in 1890, Andre and Edouard, the brothers who started Michelin Tires, needed a way to increase demand for tires. Back then, there were only 2,200 cars in all of France, their home base.

The brothers wanted car owners to drive more so that they would need to buy more tires. To do this, the Michelins decided to incentivize driving by publishing a guide to the best restaurants, hotels, mechanics, and other points of interest across the country. The first batch saw 35,000 copies printed and given away for free to motorists.Continue Reading