Author: Shawn Naggiar

Shawn Naggiar is Chief Revenue Officer of Act-On Software, provider of the fastest growing, cloud-based marketing automation platform for the Fortune 5,000,000. Act-On’s technology enables marketers to realize their creative expression to the fullest. Feel free to leave Shawn a comment or contact him on Twitter at @Shawn_Naggiar. For more marketing tips from Shawn, check out the Act-On Software blog.

By shawn-naggiar published March 12, 2012

Tips for Creating Effective Email and Landing Page Content

Every marketer has different needs, but one seems almost universal: the need to make content perform more effectively. As a content marketer, you spend countless hours writing and editing content to perfection, but if that content doesn’t grab your audience’s attention and engage them enough to continue reading, then you’ve wasted your time.

Email marketing and landing pages are two of the most popular marketing tactics that demand original, customized content. So I’ve compiled a list of tips that will help your content efforts in these areas to get noticed and be read.

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