Author: Shanna Mallon

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By shanna-mallon published October 27, 2013

Build Your Content Calendar: 3 Easy Steps

content calendarPutting out fresh, relevant content is more than a good idea for companies — today, it’s a vital step in achieving business success. Through content, you can engage prospects and customers, boost search results for your website, enhance branding, and more. So how do you get started? It all begins with building a content calendar that is based on your overall content strategy

Here’s a look at how to map your content to the sales cycle — for both current and prospective customers — and use this information to create a strategic content calendar. Continue Reading

By shanna-mallon published July 11, 2013

Manage Your Social Media Content with These Top Tools

social media content-toolsWhether you’re a marketing manager for a large organization or an entrepreneur looking to build your business, social networks offer great potential for expanding your influence and generating new leads. The challenge? Keeping your social media outposts filled with relevant, useful content takes time — and plenty of it.Continue Reading

By shanna-mallon published May 10, 2013

Visual Content: 5 Ways Auto Brands Help Audiences Get the Picture

ideas for visual contentThe internet is a visual place — and that’s as true for auto companies as it is for fashion brands. Do you know how to use photos, images, and other visual media to boost your brand? Is posting pictures enough? Where can you distribute your images to drive audience interest? What unique options should you be considering to help your visual content stand out?Continue Reading

By shanna-mallon published February 11, 2013

Content Marketing with Instagram: 5 Takeaways From a Brand to Watch

watch anthropologie on social media

As a fashion retailer that’s built its brand on aesthetics, Anthropologie is a company to watch on social media. With more than 250,000 followers on Instagram (not to mention 250,000 followers on Pinterest, 664,000 followers on Facebook, and 370,000 followers on Twitter), Anthropologie demonstrates by example how fashion retailers — and other brands —can generate strong communities online.

Here’s a look at what the brand is doing well, along with ways you can follow its example to leverage Instagram to meet your content marketing goals. Continue Reading

By shanna-mallon published December 14, 2012

5 Visual Content Creation Ideas to Add Punch and Power

visual content creation is essentialWhen we hear the term “content,” we usually think words. But content marketing is much more than that. Visual content, in fact, is one of the most powerful tools for increasing engagement, shares, responses, and more.

What are some easy ways to incorporate visual content into your marketing efforts? Continue Reading

By shanna-mallon published November 7, 2012

Content Marketing Best Practices: 3 Steps for Google+ Success

content marketing best practices with google+To some of us, Google+ still seems like the social media underdog, but the fact is it’s ever on the rise — and backed by the world’s most popular and influential search engine. In truth, Google+ offers tremendous potential for content marketing.

What best practices and practical steps can help you use Google+ to your business advantage? Here’s a look at tips for using Google+ for content marketing. Continue Reading