Author: Sean Power

Sean Power is a marketing analyst focused on pinpointing the relationship between marketing initiatives and business results. Sean works with clients to bring content marketing projects from inception to evaluation and has a strong background in the technology, health care, consumer services, and nonprofit industries. You can find Sean on Twitter, his website, and his blog.

By sean-power published October 3, 2013

Managing a Marketing Strategy Change: 5 Ways to Get Buy-in for Content

marketing strategy-change buy-inManaging change from below can be a challenging — if not downright frustrating — part of a content marketer’s job. It can be equally difficult to convince decision makers to change the nature of their existing marketing strategy to a more content-centric approach.

It is not uncommon to hear stories about bosses who “just don’t get it” or “can’t see the bigger picture” when it comes to content marketing. For example, sometimes decision makers will listen to a well thought out case but then say they are “still not convinced,” without providing any further explanation as to why. Other times bosses will explain why they are not convinced, though their explanations seem irrelevant or unfounded. Continue Reading