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Scott Aughtmon is the author of the book 51 Content Marketing Hacks. He is the person behind the popular infographic 21 Types of Content We Crave and has discovered some of the earliest known examples of content marketing. He is a marketing strategist, consultant, content marketer, and speaker. He’s been studying effective marketing, direct marketing, and business methods since 1999. After teaching marketing for UC Berkeley Extension, he saw a connection between direct response marketing and content marketing which led him to develop a form of marketing called “direct response content marketing”. Read more of Scott's insights on his site Follow Scott on Twitter @rampbusinesses.

By scott-aughtmon published June 5, 2012

21 Types of Content We Crave

Editor’s note: Because content creation continues to evolve and is essential in any successful content marketing plan, we’ve updated this post.

If your content doesn’t resonate with your audience, then they won’t follow you where you want to take them.  For content marketers, this is a cardinal sin.

The key question is:
What kind of content 
universally resonates with people?

To help you, I’ve created a list of 21 types of content we all love to consume.Continue Reading

By scott-aughtmon published May 2, 2012

The 4 Commandments of Socially-Created Content

In 2006, Carlos Terron was a cook in General Electric’s cafeteria. His wife, Alex, put in long hours as an office manager for a pediatrician. One night they were both recovering from a rough work day, when Carlos wondered out loud, Wouldn’t it be great if we could work for ourselves?” His wife didn’t take this idea lightly. They talked about the reality of doing something like this, and decided to go for it.

With dreams of great success, they invested $48,000 in a truck and opened the El Charrito taco truck in Stamford, CTselling delicious authentic Mexican food.

And the results? Unfortunately, it generated very little business.Continue Reading

By scott-aughtmon published October 24, 2011

Content Marketing Strategies of the 7 Media Giants

Believe it or not, we have all been swayed by some almost-invisible forces of content marketing, and we may not even have realized it. But once you do realize how it’s being used all around you, you’ll really see how powerful content marketing really is!

Before you think I’m crazy or some kind of conspiracy theorist, what I’m about to share with you comes from a very reliable source, the PBS series Frontline. Let me explain to you what I mean.Continue Reading

By scott-aughtmon published September 27, 2011

The Content Strategy that Made Justin Bieber a Star

Justin Bieber is currently one of the biggest pop stars in the world, but the question is, how did he get so big, so quickly?

Fellow musician and singer Usher had a big part in making this happen by signing Bieber to his label, but other influences played just as big a part in helping him explode onto the scene.

One of those influences is Disney; Radio Disney to be exact.

I’d like to reveal to you the impressive content strategy that Disney used to help make Justin Bieber famous and dominate the pre-teen music niche.

As you review the steps that Disney implemented, you will see that you can duplicate the principles to propel your own content channels and content marketing efforts to new levels.
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