Author: Sara McGuire

Sara is a Content Marketing Lead at Venngage. She loves visual storytelling and finding ways to make boring information engaging. When she isn't creating content for Venngage's blog and YouTube channel, you can find her drinking a cup of tea or trying to befriend the nearest animal. Follow her on Twitter @sara_mcguire.

By saramcquire published January 8, 2019

These 7 Visual Tactics Can Boost Landing Page Conversions

Creating visuals for a landing page is kind of like dressing for a job interview.

Job candidates want the interviewers to see them as well prepared and a good fit for the company. You want the visuals on your landing pages to communicate to visitors that you’re delivering what they want in a manner that reflects your overall brand.

Another similarity between dressing for a job interview and finding the best visuals for your landing page? Don’t pick the first option. Try several to figure out which works the best.

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