Author: Sarah Greesonbach

Sarah Greesonbach is the founder of the B2B Writing Institute, which is developing a workforce of highly trained and certified B2B writers to meet the B2B marketing content needs of the future.

Since 2013, she’s operated B2B Content Studio, a freelance consultancy that helps agencies and Fortune 500 technology companies in the HR, retail/e-com, and higher education space develop B2B content marketing assets like white papers, thought leadership articles, case studies, and more.

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By sarahgreesonbach published August 3, 2021

Your White Paper Tanked: 3 Common Mistakes To Avoid

In my work with industry-leading publications and the Fortune 500 brands that sponsor their content, I spend a lot of time with best-in-class marketers, hunting down good ideas like a pack of wild truffle pigs who’ve caught the scent.

Unfortunately, though, we don’t always dig up the most valuable idea.

I see the cause: Marketers pulled in too many directions, distracted by what’s performing well on the publication’s site, intrigued by creative ideas, and a bit leashed by their leadership team as to what’s going to look good regardless of how it performs.

Without proper boundaries, the ideas that go into development can end up being the same trite but not true fungi buried in the bottom of their blog archive.Continue Reading

By sarahgreesonbach published February 27, 2018

Slow Your Content Marketing Down


More than 86 million blog posts are published on WordPress every month.

86 million. Every month.

Even the most digital literate, attentive, and committed customer probably only has the bandwidth to scan about 10 headlines and read one to two articles a day – and that’s being generous.

Where does that leave the millions and millions of other “content opportunities”? Floating limply in random distribution channels and woven throughout thousands of lackluster company tweets?

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