Author: Sarah L. Parker

Sarah L. Parker is a conversion copywriter and content strategist for B2B Tech and SaaS. She helps companies to drive leads, revenue, and growth so that they can continue to push the boundaries of what is possible. Connect with her on LinkedIn or follow her on Twitter @SarahLParkerUK.

By sarah-l-parker published May 10, 2022

6 Old-School Techniques To Integrate Into Your Influencer Marketing

While you can use many software tools to help manage and scale influencer marketing programs, don’t forget to look back.

Old-school methods – alongside the tools – can mitigate the common pitfalls of influencer marketing. I asked six experts in the influencer arena for their best technique, and they went retro with their recommendations.

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By sarah-l-parker published May 3, 2022

Influencer Marketing Experts Pick Their Favorite Tools To Manage Their Programs

An influencer marketing strategy involves more than an influencer and a brand.

“If you want to have robust outcomes, you need to build a relationship with the creator, immerse them in your brand and get their buy-in as a partner. That’s what it takes to produce genuine, trust-driven recommendations their audience will pay attention to,” says Jason Falls, author of Winfluence.

How do you use the tools at your disposal to do that? I asked 16 experts in influencer and content marketing. Let’s look at what they had to share.Continue Reading