Author: Sara Noble

After years in management at Harvard Business Review, The Atlantic and Inc. magazines, Sara Noble launched her executive search practice. For the past 20 years, Sara has been the go-to recruiter in the thought leadership field, retained by the top-tier strategy firms, corporations and CEOs themselves, finding talent to improve branding with quality content. Connect with Sara on LinkedIn.

By sara-noble published May 19, 2017

Are You Ready to Hire Quality for Your Content Team?


For the past 20 years, my Boston-based practice has supplied content talent to Harvard Business Review and Fortune 500 CEOs, as well as more than half of the top 10 global management consulting firms, among others. On average, I turn away one in three prospects who get in touch requesting my services. Why? Many companies just aren’t ready to hire quality.

To gauge employer readiness – and to ensure that the executives I place will be successful and satisfied – I ask these questions of chief marketing officers. (And I think these same questions apply to candidates interviewing prospective employers.)Continue Reading