Author: Sally Ofuonyebi

Sally Ofuonyebi is an SEO content writer and strategist at Pennalife. She’s got zero chills for helping SaaS and B2B ecommerce brands get more visibility, leads, and brand authority through SEO content that connects and converts. Follow her on LinkedIn for more content marketing tips.

By sally-ofuonyebi published March 28, 2022

How Competitor Analysis Helps You Create Landing Pages That Convert

How do you create a landing page that beats your competitors’?

Look at what they’re doing – after all, that’s what buyers do.

A competitor analysis can help you learn their strong points and identify their weaknesses to improve conversion rates. These nine SEO and content marketing experts share their tips for evaluating what your competitors do to inform your company’s landing page development.Continue Reading

By sally-ofuonyebi published December 15, 2021

Try These Tools To Create Content That Works for Search Engines and Audiences

Some content creators think writing to satisfy your audience and impress search engines put them between a rock and a hard place.

But successful content marketers recognize writing for your audience isn’t different from writing for search engines. It’s all about creating valuable, consumable content and helping your audience discover it.

To help you achieve both, I’ve compiled a list of 13 tools divided into SEO and writing sections, but all designed to help you create valuable content that will get discovered and consumed by your target audience.Continue Reading