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By roger-c-parker published July 6, 2015

Latest Must-Reads: Summertime Books for Content Marketers on the Go (or on Vacation)


It’s that time again, time for my third annual mid-year roundup of recommended recently published books for content marketers. Self-education never ends for content marketers … even when vacations roll around.

As always, one of my goals is to highlight the latest must-reads from within the content marketing community. And, several of the following were written by familiar content marketing all-stars.Continue Reading

By roger-c-parker published February 17, 2015

Worksheet: Turn Your Pivot Points into Stories for Better Content Marketing


The problem with pivot points – events that result in major changes in your organization’s history or your personal career – is that they often slip by unnoticed. The significance of the event isn’t recognized until later.

You typically have to dig deep into the past to identify your pivots, the lessons they taught, and the opportunities they created. The reward for digging deep, however, is that past pivot points often uncover story opportunities that can help you define your brand and create memorable story-based content marketing.Continue Reading

By roger-c-parker published December 21, 2014

Last-minute Guide to 2014’s Best New Books for Content Marketers

Holiday-Book-Guide-Content-Marketers Cover For the third year in a row, it has been a great time for new books that can make a big difference for entrepreneurs and marketers looking for ways to improve their content marketing skills.

As in previous years, the range of books continues to expand beyond titles containing “content marketing.” As described in my previous book roundups (June 2012, May 2013, December 2013, June 2014), content marketing success often involves books addressing topics like management, sales, writing, and visual thinking. Continue Reading

By roger-c-parker published October 2, 2014

Drive Retail Sales with B2C Content Marketing: 8 Tips + a Checklist

hand holding credit cardIn a recent post on content marketing strategy, Britt Klontz described a common problem: Helpful content is often scattered across a website, getting posted in multiple locations (and in multiple formats) rather than in a structured, centralized place. The solution, she contends, is to create a resource center: “Essentially, a resource center is a site within a site, where all of your content is organized.” Continue Reading

By roger-c-parker published August 7, 2014

7 Ways Limitations Can Boost Your Content Creation Productivity

hand with pen-writing pad-laptopMore is always better, right? It would only make sense. More space permits you to share more information. More time permits you to write better. And more options permit you to share your message with greater impact.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out that way, especially in today’s fast-moving content marketing world. Effective content marketing requires getting your message out in a timely and consistent manner. Success requires ongoing productivity — not just isolated moments of brilliance.Continue Reading

By roger-c-parker published June 11, 2014

7 Books That Will Inspire More Successful Content Marketing

successful-content-marketing-booksSeveral exceptionally helpful, relevant books have hit the market since my last round-up of recommended books for content marketers.

The seven books outlined below complement essential content marketing guides like Joe Pulizzi’s Epic Content, Jay Baer’s Youtility and Andy Crestodina’s Content Chemistry. Though they offer a narrower perspective than the above books, they compensate by going deeper into specialized topics that are essential for successful content marketing, such as creativity, presentations, productivity and visual thinking.Continue Reading

By roger-c-parker published January 17, 2014

How to Organize Your Blog Content with A 3-Step Post Tracker

3-step blog post tracker imageWith blogging becoming a key content marketing activity, it’s crucially important that businesses large and small work as efficiently as possible in order to create a continuing flow of fresh, relevant blog content.

The more you blog, the more you need a simple, scalable way to track your previous blog posts and plan your future blog content.Continue Reading

By roger-c-parker published December 4, 2013

12 Content Marketing Books to Add to Your Holiday Gift List

book with a bow-holiday gift booksBooks make perfect gifts for content marketers, whether they’re family, friends, coworkers, or your staff. Similar to last year’s holiday gift book guide, here are some of the best content marketing books published in 2013 — any of these would be a great resource for advancing your skills and achieving greater success in your content marketing efforts.

All in all, 2013 has been an exceptional year for well-produced books filled with fresh insights from both established authors and newcomers. The following titles (arranged alphabetically by primary author’s last name) can make significant contributions to all content marketing professionals, whether they work in corporate, agency, or self-employed settings. Continue Reading

By roger-c-parker published November 3, 2013

7 Reasons to Hire a Former Teacher for a Content Marketing Job

teacher's head illustrationI’ve been fascinated by previous articles about content marketing team building and, especially, the frequent emphasis placed on recruiting ex-journalists to your content marketing team.

However, I think content marketers are overlooking a significant resource: former teachers. Here are some of the general characteristics that make experienced educators excellent candidates to fill a content marketing job. Continue Reading

By roger-c-parker published August 22, 2013

4 Keys to Compelling Content Marketing with White Papers

white paper successIn my opinion, one of the most important posts on content marketing this year was Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose’s, Build a Successful Content Marketing Strategy in 7 Steps.

The post remains significant, not only because of its content (which includes a concise summary of the Content Marketing Institute’s philosophy), but also because it introduces the white paper they coauthored: The CMI Content Marketing Framework: 7 Building Blocks to Success.

This Framework is an example of white paper marketing at its very best. Just 10 pages long, it concisely communicates the principles that drive CMI. It also reflects a perfect partnership between text and graphics. Continue Reading