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By roger-c-parker published February 8, 2019

6 Books to Help Content Marketers Attract Conversions, Grow Profits, and Work Better in 2019

One roundup list wasn’t sufficient to capture the best books in 2018 for content marketers. Get more examples, tips, and wisdom to upgrade your content marketing skills from these six books.

Some are by first-time authors; some are by first-time self-published authors; and others are by authors who worked with large trade publishers. All have important lessons to share.

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By roger-c-parker published December 21, 2018

Buyer’s Guide to the Best Content Marketing Books of 2018

If you’re looking for a holiday gift book to advance the recipient’s content marketing skills, I have good news. During 2018, authors and publishers created some of the most helpful and sophisticated content marketing books.

I speak from review experience, as I’ve been sharing the plusses and minuses of content marketing books since 2012. Books published in 2018 tended to have better designed covers and short, punchy titles coupled with longer subtitles that described the benefits to readers. In addition, some acclaimed authors returned with new books.

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By roger-c-parker published November 22, 2017

The Best Content Marketing Books of 2017 to Boost Your Creativity and Productivity


If you’re a chief content officer, copywriter, designer, or programmer searching for ways to create more and better content in less time, you’ll find fresh ideas for improving your creativity, productivity, and writing skills with these best books from 2017.

Marketers seeking to learn through recent books suffer from an embarrassment of riches. A search of for “marketing books” returns 324,225 titles. Narrow the search to “content marketing books” and 2,736 options appear.

But, there’s more. Complicating the issue is that content marketing success requires ideas and insights from experts from dozens of other fields, including: creativity, design, HTML, productivity, project management, writing, and dozens more.

However, you don’t need to search through thousands of titles to find the ones most helpful to your needs. This breakdown guides you to the top books in 2017 for content creators – from strategies to enhance creativity, planning, and productivity for you and your team to fresh insights into writing for the web.
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By roger-c-parker published November 19, 2017

11 Insightful Content Marketing Books From 2017 for Newcomers and Seasoned Pros


No matter how large or small your business rois, or how experienced you are in content marketing, these recently published books can help you take your content marketing to the next level.

During 2017, there has been a flood of practical, relevant, and well-written content marketing books for marketers of all levels of experience and expertise. This guide reveals this year’s top books for:

  • Content marketing newcomers and holdouts – If you’re a newcomer to content marketing or dealing with holdout clients, management, and prospects who still need convincing, you’ll find an informed overview of the basics of content marketing and tips for getting started.
  • Experienced content marketers – If you’re a seasoned professional who wants to refine and grow your skills, you’ll find great information around best practices.
  • Innovators, renegades, and visionaries – If you are a leader in marketing or the overall business (or want to strengthen your relationship with those leaders), you’ll find that reinvention and transformation is the name of your next content marketing game.

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By roger-c-parker published December 16, 2016

7 Changes Forward-Thinking Marketers Need to Consider in 2017


As the season of reflection is upon us, it’s an ideal time to explore how much our industry has changed — and what lies ahead.  As someone who has been in publishing and marketing for many years, I have seen the industries evolve a great deal.

What can enterprise marketers learn from publishing and marketing organizations? Here are seven changes those industries have experienced — and what specific actions marketers can take to improve their content marketing programs in the coming year.Continue Reading

By roger-c-parker published November 25, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide: The Most Significant Content Marketing Books Published During 2016


There’s something for every content marketer and entrepreneur on your list in this year’s holiday gift book suggestions for content marketers. It’s our largest gift guide and contains 24 recently published books and eight old favorites and books that I overlooked.Continue Reading

By roger-c-parker published October 26, 2016

How to Train Your Brain for Content Marketing Greatness


At Content Marketing World 2016, I was cheered by the emphasis placed on content quality.

Clearly, “good is no longer good enough.” Less and better are more important than “good.”
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By roger-c-parker published December 7, 2015

17+ Books to Give Your Favorite Content Marketer This Season


Books make great holiday gifts for content marketers. Your gifts acknowledge the content marketing efforts and passion that your co-worker, employee, friend, or loved-one has demonstrated during the previous year.

On a practical level, gifts of books that inspire, share ideas, and offer tips can contribute to even greater success during 2016.Continue Reading

By roger-c-parker published September 28, 2015

3-Step Action Plan With Worksheets for 2 Months of Blog Posts


The series approach to blogging, as I described in How to Turn 1 Idea Into 2 Months of Content Marketing (and More), offers an easy approach to help you plan, create, and repurpose blog posts into future content. Among the benefits of a series approach:

  • Immediate – It removes the guesswork of choosing what to write each week. It also provides an opportunity to go deeper into topics to share more information while building market anticipation for future blog posts.
  • Long term – It makes it easier to keep your blogging on schedule. You create content equity for future harvesting and recycling as cheat sheets, e-books, e-courses, list-building incentives, newsletters, podcasts, speeches, presentations, and training programs.

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By roger-c-parker published July 20, 2015

How to Turn 1 Idea Into 2 Months of Content Marketing (and More)


It’s time to break the topic habit, the temptation to think of content marketing in terms of individual projects – like blog posts.

As an alternative, explore the benefits of serialization – developing and sharing content in a short series of blog posts organized around a common theme. The short-series approach offers numerous advantages:Continue Reading