Author: Rob Yoegel

Rob Yoegel oversees all content marketing initiatives across multiple platforms and formats to drive sales, engagement, retention, leads and positive customer behavior. Prior to joining Monetate, Rob was vice president of e-media for a business-to-business and consumer enthusiast publishing company, where he developed successful content, sales and marketing initiatives online for more than a decade. Follow Rob on Twitter @RobYoegel.

By rob-yoegel published January 14, 2013

Drive Successful Content Marketing with a 3-Part Media Plan

drive success with paid, earned owned mediaFor more than a decade, I helped develop online advertising strategies for a publisher. Today, I’m sitting on the other side of the table, buying advertising to help drive website traffic, content downloads, and webinar registrations.

When I discuss our content marketing plans — and our budget — I make a point of letting all publishers know that my goal is to become a partner with them. And if you talk to anyone I’ve purchased advertising from, many of them have not only become good friends, but we’ve also helped each of our businesses grow in the process.

The ad placements are just one part of a three-legged media stool that combines paid, earned, and owned media. This convergence helped create a simple content marketing strategy that led us to start thinking about publishers in a whole new way while putting an end to interruptive advertising.Continue Reading

By rob-yoegel published June 28, 2012

Content Marketing Metrics: How to Drive Action Instead of Reaction

content marketing metrics, CMIIn a recent interview with Jay Baer, co-author of “The NOW Revolution: 7 Shifts to Make Your Company Faster, Smarter and More Social” and one of the Content Marketing Institute’s consultants, Jay explained four key metrics that every content marketer needs to measure: consumption metrics, sharing metrics, lead metrics, and sales metrics.

As always, Jay is right on the mark, but I would break this down even further into two distinct categories: Metrics that result in actions and those that merely drive reactions.Continue Reading

By rob-yoegel published March 27, 2012

3 Lessons to Help Content Marketers Stop Thinking Like Publishers

A content marketing mantra that I often hear is, “Think like a publisher.” Thanks, but no thanks. I don’t want to think like a publisher, I want to do more, much more.

Sure, content marketing aligns closely with the makeup of a traditional publishing company: editorial teams that create content; sales teams that bring in business; and audience development teams that build an audience of active, engaged, and highly-qualified readers. But if I simply think like a publisher, I’ll likely end up like many of them — irrelevant and working hard to stop the Titanic from sinking.

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