Author: Rand Schulman

Rand Schulman is a managing partner at Schulman Thorogood Group and executive in residence at University of the Pacific. In 2005 he was named a Top 100 BtoB marketing executive by BtoB Magazine and is regularly quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Investor's Business Daily, BusinessWeek, AdWeek and Advertising Age, among others. He is a founder and past board member of the Web Analytics Association and a trustee with the Direct Marketing Educational Foundation. Rand advises a number of investment banks, private equity and venture capital firms and universities about sector shifts and opportunities in new media and marketing. You can follow him on Twitter @randschulman.

By rand_schulman published February 15, 2012

Will Universities Evolve?

Careers in marketing—particularly digital media, content marketing and analytics—are growing. Why are US universities failing to graduate marketable digital natives?

US higher education—long a source of pride and differentiation across the globe—is undergoing a true crisis of value and identity. Pundits wonder whether universities are the next “bubble” of the US economy, and university students are questioning whether their high-priced education and gargantuan debt loads—up 47 percent after inflation from 10 years ago—will position them for a college-worthy career.Continue Reading