Author: Pontus Staunstrup

Pontus Staunstrup is Content Strategy Director at JG Communication, a content agency based in Stockholm, Sweden. He works with customers in all aspects of content marketing and content strategy, from planning and analysis, execution and content creation, to distribution and measurements. Pontus is also a frequent speaker on topics like digital strategy, content marketing and social media. Find him on LinkedIn or on Twitter.

By pontus-staunstrup published April 7, 2014

3 Steps to Overcome the Fear of Building a Content Marketing Strategy

arrow crossing over fearAccording to a 2014 report by Content Marketing Institute and the UK Direct Marketing Association on Content Marketing in the UK, lack of a documented content marketing strategy is one of the biggest threats to successful content marketing. We can all agree that a strategy is vital, but an interesting question is, why do so many companies not have one?

Lee Odden wrote in a recent blog post that the reason many companies do not have a content marketing strategy isn’t because they lack sufficient time, resources, or funding to create one, but rather it’s due to a lack of vision and empathy for the customer experience. There is much to be said for the case Odden makes, but my experience as a strategist tells me that there is an even greater and more profound reason: fear.

A key aspect of strategic development is that it forces us to make — and commit to —decisions. That’s the core of what a strategy is designed to do — help us decide what actions to take, what to target, and how to reach our ultimate goal. To many managers, this is a frightening prospect.Continue Reading