Author: Paul Shapiro

Paul Shapiro is a search marketer who loves to take both a technical and creative approach to SEO. He spends his days as an Organic Search Director for Catalyst in Boston, and his nights writing on his blog. Any additional spare time is spent watching 70's horror movies. Start a conversation with Paul on Twitter @fighto.

By paul-shapiro published July 10, 2014

Wake a Sleeping Giant for Content Marketing SEO: Your Employees

link-builder-org-chartLately, I’ve been thinking a lot about missed SEO and link-building opportunities for corporate websites, to aid in content marketing efforts.

Leveraging your employees has been touted as the biggest missed opportunity in social media, but could the same be said about SEO vis-à-vis link building and content creation?

Put another way, shouldn’t businesses be using their employees’ personal and professional networks as an opportunity to build links and help promote their business?Continue Reading