Author: Paul Hill

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By paul-hill published October 9, 2013

Keep Your Website Content Ranking After Google Hummingbird: 8 Tips

google hummingbird“How about a clip of you twerking, boss? There was an avalanche of “likes” when the office did the Harlem Shake, though not as many as when we did Gangnam Style. But if you twerk it, it’s bound to go viral.”

Take a pop culture trend. Take it out of context. Film it. Share it. Sit back and wait for the social “likes.”

Some call it trendjacking. Others say that it’s just hopping on the proverbial bandwagon. Sometimes it works, but more often that not, it’s just lame.

It’s certainly not a content strategy. Nor is it likely to help your search rankings in the era of a Googlebot that is interested in user intent.Continue Reading