Author: Patrick Hayslett

Patrick Hayslett works with LinguaLinx, a global marketing firm specializing in language translation and localization, to help companies and government agencies communicate with today’s diverse world. He has over 10 years of B2B and B2C marketing experience. Patrick blogs about content marketing, curation, social media, and brand journalism. He loves to chat with like-minded professionals on Twitter.

By patrick-hayslett published February 11, 2014

Create More Effective Content Marketing with the Active Reading Technique

pencil-notebook-textJoe Pulizzi once cautioned marketers that competition is not limited to your own niche. Every other industry and entertainment form wants your customer’s limited time and attention. With fewer and shorter windows of opportunity, effective content marketing has to be considered best-of-breed among everyone — not just your immediate competitors. Fortunately, top-tier content marketers consistently win the war for engagement by using an “active reading” approach. With a little practice, you can too.Continue Reading

By patrick-hayslett published December 12, 2013

How ‘Vertical Silos’ Can Lead to Better Content Marketing Strategies

cubicles in an office-silosI’m going to advocate a lightning rod for criticism — the dreaded silo — and share my vision of vertical silos actually improving our content marketing strategies and moving the industry a step forward.

Before I can do that, what exactly does the word “silo” mean?

  • I’ve seen discussions about breaking down departmental silos between sales, marketing, PR, customer service, and so on.
  • There are also media silos for channels such as video, graphics and design, website, and social media.
  • SEO gets its own silos and sometimes even content creators are siloed.

While the meaning of silo is interchangeable, opinions that silos need to disappear are consistent. But will taking a hard line here really benefit our content marketing strategies — particularly for niche marketing efforts?Continue Reading