Author: Olga Rabo

Olga is a demand generation manager at Iconosquare, the industry-leading social media analytics suite. She develops content marketing strategies, with the focus on generating trials through the Iconosquare blog and maximising the presence and exposure for Iconosquare. Previously, she ran content marketing for a SaaS startup in Berlin. Feel free to follow her on LinkedIn or connect through Instagram!

By olgarabo published February 19, 2019

7 Great Instagram Scheduling Tools for 2019

Let’s face it: Instagram requires a lot of work. To succeed, you’re expected to live and breathe the platform 24/7.

But what if I told you about tools that don’t require a 24/7 commitment but make it seem like you operate the account all day and night.

Ever since Instagram opened its API to developers in its marketing partner program, third-party apps allow you to schedule Instagram posts. Let’s go through seven of them.

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By olgarabo published November 29, 2018

9 Font Hacks for Instagram Stories You Should Know

Without a doubt, Stories has been Instagram’s smartest invention yet. In fact, it’s hard to imagine the platform without Stories. Launched in August 2016, Stories has taken over, with over 400 million users sharing them every single day.

This is great news if you’re an avid Stories user and bad news if you’re a brand trying to stand out in the crowd. While I’ve previously shared seven fresh Instagram Stories ideas, today I offer nine design-focused, lesser-known hacks that your competitors likely aren’t using and that can help your Stories get more visibility.

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By olgarabo published May 18, 2018

7 Instagram Stories Ideas to Get More Followers


If you’re a permanent Instagram resident who spends your days outlining Insta-strategies, researching hashtags, and making content plans, time flies quickly. New features debut almost every month and discerning trends is challenging.

Instagram Stories are on many brands’ radar for good reason. Over 300 million view Instagram Stories every day and one-third of the most viewed Stories come from businesses. It’s no longer a question of whether you should use Stories in your Instagram strategy, but how you should do it.

Consider these seven fresh ideas to spice up your Stories and use them in a way your competitors haven’t yet thought of.

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