Author: Natalya Minkovsky

Natalya Minkovsky is a content strategist who lives and works in Washington, DC. Follow her on Twitter @hejhejnatalya.

By natalyaminkovsky published February 14, 2018

For the Love of Libraries: How Libraries Use Content to Tell New Stories

libraries-content-storiesI never gave much thought to library marketing until I met Angela Hursh, content team leader in the marketing department of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County. Going to my neighborhood library to browse and check out books is one of my favorite things to do; I’ve been visiting on a regular basis for as long as I can remember. As a dedicated bookworm, I took for granted the effort of marketing the library does to reach people for whom visiting isn’t second nature.

While my personal interest is book-centric, libraries offer much more to the local community, of course. At the library you can learn a new language, get help with your income taxes, or use a 3-D printer. Parents can bring their kids for story time. Teens have a safe, comfortable space in which to do their homework. Senior citizens can take computer classes.

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By natalyaminkovsky published May 20, 2016

On a Roll: Duck Brand Sticks With Customers


Have you ever loved a tape’s print design? I mean, really loved a tape’s print design? Loved it so much that when that print was discontinued, you took to social media to express your disappointment?

David Rodgers knows what it’s like when people get attached to their favorite tape designs. He is the senior digital marketing manager at ShurTech Brands, where he’s responsible for the Duck Tape brand along with FrogTape painter’s tape, Painter’s Mate Green, and the rest of the company’s DIY and home-solution brands. His team creates social media content for Duck Tape and monitors social media conversations about the product.Continue Reading

By natalyaminkovsky published April 7, 2016

Getting Started With Structured Content


Discoverable, adaptive, and reusable, oh my! Learn how to make your digital content super flexible and findable using a concept called “structured content.”

You publish hundreds of content assets a year – everything from e-books and videos to blog posts and snackable social content. You “atomize” content, reusing and repurposing narrative content and visuals across overlapping projects. So far, so good.Continue Reading

By natalyaminkovsky published March 24, 2016

Brand Guidelines to the Rescue for Clear, Consistent Stories [Example]


Ask most people to define “branding,” and they’ll be quick to mention the logo or a brand’s look and feel. But branding is much more than a swoosh, swirl, or any other visual fingerprint. Branding is about how an organization is perceived by its customers. And content (e.g., tone, voice, word choice) is an integral part of branding even if regularly overlooked in the excitement of a rebranding initiative.Continue Reading

By natalyaminkovsky published November 19, 2015

Live Experiences Reinvent the Way Customers Interact With Brands


Every summer since 1972, hundreds of people have gathered at Nathan’s Famous on Coney Island for the company’s annual hot-dog-eating contest. What started as a one-time stunt to bring more visitors to the Brooklyn hot-dog stand has become an annual tradition that attracts crowds of spectators and is aired by ESPN.

While some would argue competitive eating is an unappealing, unhealthy spectacle, the event is at the core of the marketing program for Nathan’s Famous, and the company’s leadership credits consistent revenue growth to the contest’s notoriety.Continue Reading

By natalyaminkovsky published June 28, 2015

‘Will It Blend?’ Company Embarks on New Influencer Marketing Program

Anyone who has watched a “Will It Blend?” video knows the answer to that question is, “Of course.” iPhone? Yes. iPad? Yep. Golf balls? You betcha.

Created by Blendtec’s Founder Tom Dickson to demonstrate the power of his blenders, “Will It Blend?” is the stuff of viral marketing legends. Since 2006, Dickson has starred in more than 140 videos that have a combined 256 million views on YouTube.Continue Reading

By natalyaminkovsky published January 22, 2015

Structured Content: Get Started with Content Models


In Intelligent Content: The Elephant and Its Parts, Marcia Riefer Johnston breaks down the definition of intelligent content into its components, one of which is structure. Marcia writes, “Technology can do its magic only after structure has been put in place. Technology doesn’t create the structure; people do. You could restructure your content today without buying a single tool.” In this post, I will share tips and ideas for introducing your organization to structured content using a technology-agnostic content model.Continue Reading

By natalyaminkovsky published May 16, 2012 A Tool To Help Content Marketers Create Infographics

Content marketers love infographics, but the very best examples look expensive and complicated. Enter The designers behind the beautiful infographics at power the design engine at, helping to make high-end infographics accessible to all. Their new creation tools let you design infographics in mere minutes using a portfolio of storyline templates. “We are defining a new space — allowing users to create sexy, high impact data visualizations,” says co-founder Stew Langille.

For companies who want to tell stories with their own “big data,” offers partnerships to visualize new datasets and promote the resulting infographics through sites like The Wall Street Journal and Huffington Post.Continue Reading