Author: Monina Wagner

Monina leads social media efforts as Community Manager for the Content Marketing Institute. She began her storytelling career in television news, where she oversaw newsroom staff and daily operations. Tweet her at @MoninaW, but be warned - she hates auto DMs.

By monina-wagner published February 20, 2019

If You Give a Community a Cookie … How to Create a Great Digital Neighborhood

Think about the neighborhood you live in. Why do you love it? Why do you hate it?

When my family built a home, we knew our choices would be about much more than cabinets and flooring. We needed to pick the right community for us.

As community manager for the Content Marketing Institute, I’ve learned that the way we design our “neighborhood” plays a huge role in how our audience experiences the brand.

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By monina-wagner published March 15, 2018

Stories, Filters, and Bots: What You Need to Know Now

CMI_Storiesfilters_CCO-01Editor’s note: This post was co-written by Clare McDermott, Mantis Research co-founder and chief research officer.

Keeping up with what’s new and exciting in social media can feel like a sprint. Just as you’ve mastered a new tactic or tool, one of the major social networks announces a new feature you need to wrap your head around. Find some new (and not so new) features you may not know, as well as a few channels that may not be on your radar.

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By monina-wagner published January 2, 2017

An Inside Look at CMI’s Instagram Posting Strategy and Top Pics of 2016


In a smartphone-centric world, everyone is a potential content creator. Yes, you need to have a good eye for composing a beautiful photo or capturing engaging video. But fortunately, mobile devices allow marketers the ability to grab moments unique to their brands with ease and at little cost.

Visual content is a powerful way to attract attention in a noisy social world. And it’s no secret that Instagram is a mighty social network. With over 500 million active monthly users, Instagram provides a tremendous opportunity to share with your audience a complete view of your brand. Continue Reading

By monina-wagner published December 29, 2015

Our Favorite Tweets From the 2015 #CMWorld Twitter Chats


At the Content Marketing Institute, our team is filled with people who have a genuine enthusiasm for the practice of content marketing. We also are fortunate to be supported by another team with a similar fervor – a vibrant #CMWorld Twitter Chat community. This super-smart, incessantly curious, and generous group gathers each Tuesday at noon Eastern Standard Time. We extend our sincere thanks to the hundreds of people who have joined us in 2015, including our inaugural CMI Community Champion Mike Myers.Continue Reading

By monina-wagner published May 14, 2015

Are LinkedIn Groups Worth the Trouble? 17 Tips for Success


If you had access to an audience of 347 million people, would you ignore the opportunity to market to them? Of course, you wouldn’t. LinkedIn continues to be among the most popular social networking sites for professionals. Yet, while the majority of content marketers use LinkedIn, too few rate it as an effective channel.Continue Reading