Author: Michele Linn

Michele Linn is the co-founder and chief strategy officer of Mantis Research, a consultancy focused on helping brands create and amplify original research they can use in their marketing. Before starting Mantis, Michele was head of editorial at Content Marketing Institute, where she led the company's strategic editorial direction, co-developed its annual research studies, wrote hundreds of articles, spoke at industry events and was instrumental in building the platform to 200,000 subscribers. In 2015, she was named one of Folio's Top Women in Media (Corporate Visionary). You can follow her on Twitter at @michelelinn.

By mlinn published September 6, 2010

7 Questions to Ask Before Adding a Blog to the Marketing Mix

Last week I was talking with a couple of corporate B2B marketers, and the question of blogging came up: do they plan to have a blog?

Unlike many marketers who jump into having a blog because it seems like the right thing to do, these gentlemen were very thoughtful in their response and explained that they would only have a blog if they had a clear objective and a way to support it. Amen to that!

While I am all for trying different types of content and formats, I’m an even bigger proponent of consistency, which is why I caution marketers before undertaking a project that needs constant care and feeding, like a blog.

Here are some key questions to ask before you commit to a corporate blog.

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By mlinn published August 23, 2010

Content Marketing Group Therapy: What Suggestions Do You Have for This eNewsletter?

Several weeks ago, Joe and I received an email from Graham Kilshaw from Interference Technology. He believes in the power of content marketing and had recently launched an eNewsletter (titled the EMC Business Bulletin) to educate his prospects. The problem was that he wasn’t getting the results he expected.

As content marketers, we’ve all faced this same issue: We want to create content that is effective, but how do we do that? Graham offered to use his eNewsletter as a learning experience for the CMI community.

The premise is simple: He’ll share what he is doing with his newsletter and the results he is having. From there, we’d love to get feedback from the CMI community on how the newsletter can be improved. Graham will make changes and then report the findings in a future blog post. This way, we can all learn from our collective experience.Continue Reading

By mlinn published August 16, 2010

How to Put Together an Editorial Calendar for Content Marketing

editorial-calendar-templateEditor’s note: We’ve published a newer post on this popular topic, which includes bonus tips and information. Read it now!

As a content marketer, you have no doubt heard that marketers need to “think like publishers,” but how exactly does that translate into action?  (If you are asking yourself this question, read Jeremy Victor’s fantastic post on this very topic.)

Next to developing buyer personas, I think the most useful exercise to help you think like a publisher is creating an editorial calendar. A lot has been written about the need for an editorial calendar, and you can certainly find online magazines that publish their editorial calendar, but I haven’t found many calendars that are geared towards the marketer. Continue Reading