Author: Mike Bailey

Mike Bailey is a qualified engineer and freelance writer. During more than 30 years in industry he learned how to craft great content; today he advises business owners on content strategy and presentation. Mike has B2B clients in most English-speaking countries and specializes in the small-business and start-up sectors. You’ll find him on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Google+.

By mike-bailey published March 29, 2014

LinkedIn’s Content Publishing Flood: 4 Tips for Staying Afloat

This is big news. No, this is HUGE news… you’ve never seen anything like the engagement you get on LinkedIn.” —Joe Pulizzi

linkedin icons-tiles piledLinkedIn’s decision to open its content publishing platform to every one of its 277 million members clearly hasn’t left CMI’s Joe Pulizzi sitting on the fence. This giant leap puts LinkedIn one small step closer to a dominant position in the content marketing space; whether or not you trust its motives, Joe sees the “LinkedIn halo-effect” giving huge exposure to individuals who grab the opportunity.

Since its inception in the fall of 2012, LinkedIn’s accurately named Influencer program has developed a massive following: A typical Influencer post receives more than 31,000 views, an average of 250 “likes,” and around 80 comments, according to LinkedIn’s published data. While new publishers may not have the instant appeal of a Richard Branson or a Bill Gates, the opportunity for taking your exposure as a thought leader to a higher level is real — as Joe confirms in one of his recent PNR: This Old Marketing podcasts.Continue Reading