Author: Michael Gerard

Michael is the CMO of Curata. He is responsible for Curata's marketing strategy and all related activities. Michael has over 25 years of marketing and sales experience, having successfully launched and sustained three start-up ventures as well as having driven innovative customer creation strategies for large technology organizations. (e.g., IDC, Kenan Systems, Prospero (mZinga) and Millipore). Michael received his MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management, as well as a BS in Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and an MS in Engineering from Northeastern University.

By michael-gerard published November 30, 2015

Content Metrics: Assessing the Real Impact of Curation


With the increased use of content curation (the best marketers use a mix of 65% created, 25% curated, and less than 10% syndicated content), some unique challenges need to be addressed in a content marketing measurement strategy, including:

  • Marketers who are curating content are selecting, organizing, and contextualizing third-party assets.
  • Target audiences are not necessarily consuming content within branded experiences.
  • Content curators also are redirecting traffic to external sites and distributing content across multiple channels – including email, social media, and feeds in addition to branded sites and blogs.

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By michael-gerard published August 19, 2015

A Quick Guide to Measuring Your Blog’s Impact on Business


You’ve started your business blog, you’ve begun to tap into internal and external folks to help create content, and you may even have tapped into curation to help fuel your content engine. But how do you know if your blood, sweat, and tears are worth it?

More importantly, how can you demonstrate your blog’s impact to your vice president of marketing or your CMO to get continued support and secure more investment?Continue Reading

By michael-gerard published March 6, 2014

Keep Your Content Marketing from Getting Lost in the Stampede

stampeding animalsMarketers are increasing their investment in content marketing this year and producing a higher volume of content for their audiences. In fact, 2014 research from MarketingProfs and CMI found that 73 percent of B2B content marketers were producing more content than they did a year ago.

But be careful. There are potential hazards in following the herd and jumping too quickly into an accelerated content marketing cadence. Boosting marketing spend and creating more content will not be productive without a well-planned content marketing strategy and road map targeted at the right customer segments and buyer personas. Continue Reading