Author: Michael Brito

Michael Brito is a Senior Vice President of Social Business Strategy at Edelman Digital. He is responsible for helping clients operationalize their content strategy and community management practices. Michael is also an instructor for the Content Marketing Institute Online Training and Certification program. You can find him writing in his social business blog or follow him on Twitter @Britopian.

By michael-brito published April 5, 2013

Upgrade Your Content Strategy: 3 Brand Builders

content strategyThe term content marketing has been gaining a lot of attention over the last few years, and rightfully so. Content is a lifeline in today’s social ecosystem, so its rise in popularity makes perfect sense. But content marketing holds little benefit if it isn’t supported with a strong content strategy that enables a brand to tell a very consistent story across the media landscape.

Your content strategy should help draw parallels between what’s important to customers and what your brand stands for; it enables marketing teams to create more relevant content based on what your brand is comfortable talking about (and what it’s not comfortable talking about). And it provides opportunities for your employees, partners, and customer service reps to be a part of your story, too.

If you are ready to upgrade your content strategy — or create one from scratch — here are 3 considerations that will help keep your business in line with current content marketing best practices. Continue Reading