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Michael Brenner has been recognized as a Forbes top CMO influencer, a Top Business Keynote Speaker by the Huffington Post, and a Top Motivational Speaker by Entrepreneur Magazine. He is CEO of Marketing Insider Group, where he has worked with more nearly 100 brands in building effective content marketing and employee activation programs. Michael is the co-author of 2 books including The Content Formula, and Digital Marketing Growth Hacks. And is currently working on his 3rd book on the power of Empathy in business, marketing, and life. Michael enjoys sharing his experiences and client stories to inspire leaders like you into action that creates impact. Follow Michael on Twitter @BrennerMichael.

By michael-brenner published May 2, 2016

The Secret to Content Marketing ROI


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Questions about content marketing ROI are probably the ones I hear most from marketers who are struggling to build their own business case internally.

We know our customers are turning out advertising. And we know that as consumers, we are all consuming more information online. We are looking to get informed and we are looking to be entertained.Continue Reading

By michael-brenner published April 17, 2016

What Is the Difference Between Content and Content Marketing?


What is the difference between content and content marketing? The answer is the destination you will use to attract and build an audience.

Content marketing is about attracting an audience to an experience (or “destination”) that you own, build, and optimize to achieve your marketing objectives.Continue Reading

By michael-brenner published June 8, 2015

How SAP Used Subscribers to Fuel Content Marketing Success


Recently, Joe Pulizzi wrote a great article on the importance of subscription goals for content marketing.

Joe pointed to CMI research that highlighted how less than a third of marketers consider subscriptions as a key metric. He also talked about an advertising industry report that didn’t even list subscribers as a key metric for content marketing.Continue Reading

By michael-brenner published May 27, 2015

17 Content Marketing Tips for Any Size Budget

content-marketing-tips-coverProducing content when you have a big budget is easy. Producing the right content  for your audience on any budget is the tough part.

I realize small businesses have resource constraints and their own special set of challenges. But there are plenty of examples of small-business content marketing successes.Continue Reading

By michael-brenner published May 12, 2015

The Content Marketing Road Map – How to Build Your Own Content Marketing Plan

content-marketing-roadmap-coverI have a secret to share with marketers who are struggling to build their content marketing plan. My secret starts with the realization that many of the marketing activities brands produce today are highly ineffective.

Direct mail? Thrown away. Cold calls? Ignored. Television ads? Skipped. Banners? Blocked and ignored.Continue Reading

By michael-brenner published March 3, 2015

Get the Biggest SEO Bang for Your Content Marketing Buck

brenner-seo-content-marketing-buck-coverOne of the biggest questions we get from our customers is how to get the most value from their content marketing budget. So like any decent and respectable content marketers, we do our best to answer our customers’ top questions.

My biggest secrets for SEO and your content marketing budget? Content doesn’t have to be that expensive. You don’t have to create it all. You don’t have to use paid distribution to drive all your traffic.Continue Reading

By michael-brenner published December 25, 2013

The Next Big Question in Content Marketing

[Editor’s note: Happy Holidays! This week, the editorial team at Content Marketing Institute wanted to share some of the best content marketing blog posts we’ve seen from the CMI Online Training and Certification program’s roster of expert instructors. Today’s post originally appeared on Michael Brenner’s B2B Marketing Insider blog on September 17, 2013. 

sign-future of content marketingLast week I attended Content Marketing World, where I joined over 1,700 marketers from more than 40 countries around the world. This was the biggest marketing conference I have ever attended. And it represented a huge increase over the 1,000 marketers who attended last year.

What makes Content Marketing World so great? There are a lot of things, such as the mastermind behind the whole operation, Joe Pulizzi (@JoePulizzi) and his amazing staff at the Content Marketing Institute.Continue Reading