Author: Megan Hannay

Megan Hannay is the Director of Web Experience for Citation Labs, where she splits her time between content creation and tool product development. She’s developed brands in Silicon Valley and in Hollywood, and you can find her on Twitter at @mahannay, or hunched over her laptop at a cafe in her current hometown - Durham, NC.

By megan-hannay published October 12, 2015

Brand Backstory: Where Your Content Marketing Strategy Is Born


Brand storytelling is an ongoing conversation between a company and its customers. Brand backstory, on the other hand, is a foundation. It’s the tale of what came before the hit blog or product. It’s the story of why the company is what it is today.

Compelling backstories are the roots from which brand lore grows – a lesson I’ve learned as my (formerly pure SEO) team branches out into PR and content marketing projects. Some of our first non-link-building clients have been … exactly who you’d imagine first clients to be. They’re not sexy at first glance – not Coca-Cola, art galleries, or tech companies. They’re a roofing contractor, a manufacturing company, etc.Continue Reading