Author: Matthew Schultz

As vice president of technology, product strategy, Matthew Schultz leads iCrossing’s product development strategy, owns the agile development process and runs a team of agile business analysts who keep iCrossing’s software at the top of the industry. With more than 16 years of experience in web tech, Schultz has served as the lead technologist for and IMG Media in consumer, social and enterprise technologies. He can be found on Twitter @ByteEngine.

By matthewschultz published May 15, 2012

25+ Tools for Real-Time Marketing

Breathe deeply. We’re about to document the 25+ tools marketers need to know about if they’re serious about real-time marketing.

Real-time marketing—the ability to monitor, manage and guide your marketing efforts as they occur — is one of the most important areas of marketing today. Fortunately, new tools that show breaking trends on Twitter, revealing how an individual customer interacts with your content, identifying your brand’s social influencers and making sense of all that data to make it actionable, are available to CMOs in 2012. The challenge most face: Where to begin?

The landscape of real-time monitoring tools is particularly wide and deep, so let’s focus on digital channels. Further, let’s divide real-time marketing tools into two categories: onsite and offsite. Onsite is any customer interaction that occurs on any digital property you own, such as your website. Offsite is simply everything else, including social sites such as Twitter and Facebook.Continue Reading