Author: Matt Myers

Matthew Myers is the co-founder of Tidal Labs, an influencer content startup located in New York. Brands such as Old Spice, Athleta & Vanity Fair utilize Tidal's platform to create more engaging, higher-trafficked and better monetized sites and social pages, filled with select content from the thousands of contributors in the Tidal network. You can find out more about Tidal at our website or @tidallabs

By mattbk published May 7, 2014

Is It Time to Hand Consumers the Keys to Your Content Creation?

lucky community images-nails-lipsAs more and more content is required to populate a growing number of channels, marketers must find new ways to source high-quality content efficiently. To keep up, brands are increasingly turning their social media platforms over to fans, letting them drive content creation in ways unheard of a few years ago. Continue Reading