Author: Matt Wesson

Matt Wesson is a Marketing Content Specialist for Pardot, an Atlanta based marketing automation provider. You can follow Matt on Twitter @mbwesson and read his articles on the Pardot blog.

By matt-wesson published August 10, 2012

Want Your Content to Break Through the Clutter? Try Some Creative Inspiration

More than a decade after Bill Gates’ seminal essay, “Content is King“, content marketing is still coming into its own. There are many competing definitions for content marketing circulating through the business world right now, each fighting for mainstream adoption. Although definitions are a rather nuanced part of a business strategy, I believe they have the power to shape how that strategy is perceived and used.Continue Reading

By matt-wesson published July 12, 2012

How to Use Content to Raise the Bar for Branding

raise the bar for branding, CMIContent strategy has put marketing at an interesting crossroads. Every marketer is either watching or actively participating in a paradigm shift in the way that we view our jobs, value our companies, and engage with our customers.

For years, marketers have focused time and resources on building and sustaining a strong brand identity in hopes of creating a meaningful experience around their products. Branding was designed as a crutch to help marketers form real connections between customers and the otherwise cold and impersonal companies. And it has worked better than anyone could have expected. The most successful brands have added billions of dollars to their valuations, and to their bottom lines.Continue Reading