Author: Mathew Sweezey

Mathew is principal of Marketing Insights for, award-winning marketer, a marketing automation pioneer, and regarded as one of the top minds on the future of marketing. Follow him on Twitter at @msweezey.

By mathewsweezey published June 6, 2019

24 Marketing Thought Leaders You May Have Missed

After speaking about the future of marketing at Dreamforce in 2015, I walked off the stage to a line of people with questions.

As I worked my way through the line, the most frequently asked question was, “Who else should I follow?” I cited a lot of thought leaders in my speech, many of whom were new to the audience. They hadn’t realized there were so many amazing thought leaders. It wasn’t for a lack of people claiming to be thought leaders, but rather that the genuine ones are hard to find.

It is hard to find the few among the many. A search for “marketing thought leader” on LinkedIn returns thousands of names. Plenty of people claim to be a thought leader, yet few are. Anyone can cite a data point, but genuine thought leaders can help you understand what to do with the information.

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