Author: Mark Sherbin

Mark Sherbin is a freelance writer specializing in technology and content marketing. He shares occasionally insightful information at Copywriting Is Dead, where he promotes authentic communication between organizations and their audiences. Contact him at [email protected].

By mark-sherbin published July 18, 2013

Use SlideShare to Turn Your Marketing Channels into Lead Gen Tools

marketing-channel-lead-generation-toolThe future looks bright from the floor to ceiling windows of the One Montgomery Tower. The view is from SlideShare’s San Francisco residence, a collaborative space shared with LinkedIn, its parent company.

Most content marketers are familiar with SlideShare; in fact, many of you who work in the B2B space are probably already using it. But chances are very few of you are using it to its full potential. Over the coming weeks, the Content Marketing Institute will roll out some of SlideShare’s biggest secrets for content marketers looking to use the platform more successfully.Continue Reading

By mark-sherbin published June 16, 2013

Video Content Channels: Which Should You Use?

CMI video on Vimeo

Have a sneaking suspicion that you’re missing out on a world of video opportunity? You may be right. Limiting your brand to YouTube without combing through the other available options may curb your video content marketing potential.Continue Reading

By mark-sherbin published June 5, 2013

The LinkedIn Guide to Personalized Content Creation

What kind of brand would you associate with an active online community of 120,000 professional women?

Probably very few of you answered “a major financial services firm” — but that’s exactly how Citi delivers relevant content to one of its many audience segments. And it all takes place over LinkedIn.Continue Reading

By mark-sherbin published May 17, 2013

Leaner, More Effective Content Marketing in 6 Steps

more-effective-content-approach-leanerIn Silicon Valley, “lean” is the key to startup strategy. Could it also describe a more effective content marketing approach?

The Lean Startup,” by author and entrepreneur Eric Ries, introduced “lean” methodology, which uses science to help entrepreneurs match their products with a target audience quickly and cost-efficiently. The approach is iterative — it consists of repeating a process and shaping it with feedback until you reach an intended goal.Continue Reading

By mark-sherbin published May 2, 2013

Video Content Planning for Events: 5 Hard-Won Lessons

Event marketing can bring huge returns for an organization’s bottom line. In fact, according to research from the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, 69 percent of B2B marketers and 63 percent of B2C marketers in North America use in-person events as a content marketing tactic.

But developing valuable content from an event requires a ton of  content planning — especially when it comes to producing video content. Yet, it’s worth the extra effort because video footage can result in lasting, memorable, and easily shareable takeaways for event attendees.Continue Reading

By mark-sherbin published April 9, 2013

Unite Social and Content Engagement: 4 Ideas for Enterprise Marketers

content-engagement-unite-enterprise-efforts-videoBy now, you likely know that social media and content marketing strategies are must-haves for any organization trying to establish an engaging digital presence. But are social and content teams able to work closely enough to accomplish this engagement — especially at enterprise organizations?Continue Reading

By mark-sherbin published March 31, 2013

Choosing the Right Content Marketing Technology: 14 Critical Questions

Many of us have cobbled tech solutions together to form the backbone of our marketing. Buying a single, comprehensive suite would make everything work together — but does such a content technology exist?Continue Reading

By mark-sherbin published March 24, 2013

Content Marketing Strategy: 3 Consumer Tech Trends to Watch

Leap Motion's controller

Leap Motion’s controller

Consumer technology evolves quickly, and it’s difficult for marketers to keep up. But falling behind the times can be crippling, especially for content marketers. It pays to stay informed on consumer technology and keep your eyes open for the next distribution channel threatening to steal the attention of your audience.

A handful of groundbreaking shifts could seriously alter the way we currently go about content marketing. To keep pace with these shifts, here are three consumer tech trends that should be on your radar.Continue Reading

By mark-sherbin published March 17, 2013

Video Content: 6 Easy Ways to Use Vine for Marketing

boost video content with vineFor those who have already discovered it, Vine is on fire.

Vine is a new short video app available for iProducts only (but that we expect will get an inevitable Android birth in the near future). You can use it to share a maximum of six seconds of video footage on Facebook, Twitter, or Vine’s native social network. What makes it a really powerful app is the ability to splice together bits of nonconsecutive video content to create a montage.Continue Reading

By mark-sherbin published March 12, 2013

5 Content Marketing Disruptors From the 2013 Adobe Digital Marketing Summit

digital content marketing summitLast week, while my cohorts were at Content Marketing World Sydney, I had the pleasure of attending Adobe Summit 2013 where I had the opportunity to see featured speakers like Neil Bedwell of Coca-Cola, Salman Khan of the Khan Academy, and Adam Bain of Twitter. It was a compelling event hosted by a company that has made great strides in marketing technology.

Speakers and Adobe representatives had a whole lot to say about the state of digital marketing. Here are five of the most important takeaways. Continue Reading