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By mark-sherbin published December 6, 2013

Foster a Creative Content Marketing Culture: 5 Takeaways From Coca-Cola

jonathan mildenhall-from coca colaMarketing pioneers like Apple, Southwest Airlines, and Kraft Foods have one important characteristic in common: creativity. Without a creative bent, your content marketing is just more white noise in a steady stream of subpar content.

Fortunately, a little inspiration can go a long way. From cola-imbibing polar bears to personalized “Share a Coke” viral content, Coca-Cola knows creativity. Jonathan Mildenhall, Coke’s VP of Global Advertising Strategy and Content Excellence, sat down with Michael Weiss at this year’s Content Marketing World and shared some great tips for fostering a more creative content marketing culture.Continue Reading

By mark-sherbin published November 24, 2013

The Magic of Graphic Recording: Turning Live Talks into Visual Content

Source:; Click for larger view

Source: [email protected]; Click for larger view

The magic of Kelly Kingman’s visual content creation work takes place over a couple of days. But there’s nothing ephemeral about the impact it has on its audience.

Kelly is a graphic recorder. She captures the main ideas from expert presentations delivered at live events, and turns them into memorable and eye-catching visual summaries on the fly. Her work was a hit at this year’s Content Marketing World, where she transcribed presentations from speakers like Jay Baer, Coca-Cola’s Jonathan Mildenhall, and Buddy Scalera on a big whiteboard next to each stage.Continue Reading

By mark-sherbin published November 10, 2013

6 SEO Steps for Successful Content Marketing Using SlideShare’s Secret Search Sauce

successful-content-marketing-slideshare-sauceSlideShare’s quick rise to prominence caught content marketers off their guards. Now, some of the world’s biggest brands (including GE, IBM, and HP, among others) consider it a top content distribution channel. So, how did an upstart presentation engine crack the top 150 most visited websites in the world? The secret is in the search itself.Continue Reading

By mark-sherbin published October 7, 2013

Visual Content: The Potential and Pitfalls of Parallax Design

visual-content-parallax-fall-techniqueYour content should move your audience. A hot web design strategy — parallax scrolling — combines depth and motion to provide a visual content technique that does just that.

Parallax scrolling is a technique where multiple focal points move at different paces as you scroll a website. Imagine a background, middle ground, and foreground, each element moving at a different pace as you move up, down, or side-to-side on a page.Continue Reading

By mark-sherbin published October 4, 2013

4 Tips for Native Advertising With LinkedIn Sponsored Updates

marketing-content-linkedin-sponsored-updatesMaking LinkedIn a key part of your content distribution strategy? You now have an additional opportunity to put content in front of more eyes.

LinkedIn launched its Sponsored Updates program this summer. It’s the professional network’s early foray into truly native advertising.Continue Reading

By mark-sherbin published September 23, 2013

A Guide to Content Optimization with Performance Testing

man testing pages online-content optimizationHow can you know if your content marketing is pushing the right buttons if you aren’t testing it?

You can’t. Without testing, you’re missing a vital frame of reference — how one piece of content performs against others. This key piece of information helps you better understand which of your content pieces are hitting the right mark, and where you need to focus your content optimization efforts in order to increase your content marketing success.Continue Reading

By mark-sherbin published September 10, 2013

Gated Content: When It Make Sense for Marketing

gated content marketingTo gate or not to gate? The age-old marketing question about gated content has been particularly subject to fluctuating public and professional opinion over the last decade or so.

“We’re seeing more marketers trying to shift the balance to increase the amount of earned leads through participating in the conversation with ungated content,” says Mike Weir, Marketing Lead for LinkedIn’s technology sector. “It’s especially important to keep your top of funnel content open and discoverable. It’s like dating, you want people to find you interesting and say, ‘I like your point of view. Let’s schedule a time to talk.’ It’s the essence of content marketing — and the reason the cold callers will eventually become extinct.” Continue Reading

By mark-sherbin published September 6, 2013

How to Land the Content Marketing Job of Your Dreams

getting job you wantI don’t have to tell you that content marketing has exploded into a global practice across hundreds of industries. That’s why you’re here on the Content Marketing Institute blog — to learn how you can get better at creating useful content to drive sales and promote your brand.

Content marketing’s reach may be broad, but its practices are varied. Some organizations already have a good content creation system in place; others are still trying to understand how they can best integrate content marketing into their existing marketing departments. Continue Reading

By mark-sherbin published August 18, 2013

How Content Creators, Designers, and Developers Can Work in Harmony

content-creators-design-visual-collaborationFinding that your content often falls flat? You may have a harmony problem.

Without a strong composer, a piece of content can strike dissonant chords with your audience.Continue Reading

By mark-sherbin published August 8, 2013

How to Use Social Listening on LinkedIn for Real-Time Publishing

The difference between a conversation that happens naturally versus one that’s forced is astounding. As a content marketer, which side are you on?

Content marketing is moving away from the “fixed schedule” model into a hybrid approach that uses data to determine well-timed content delivery. After all, content sharing and engagement are much more dynamic than they were a few years ago.Continue Reading