Author: Mark Evertz

Mark Evertz is the senior content strategist and campaign strategist for Left Brain DGA, a Silicon Valley-based sales-acceleration firm delivering next-generation demand programs today for some of the world’s largest companies. Mark’s specialties include: devising and executing on market outreach strategies, unifying brand value propositions for end-user consumption, and integrated storytelling across offline and digital mediums. Learn more at LinkedIn and engage directly with Mark on Twitter @markevertz.

By mark-evertz published November 19, 2012

Put the Person Back in Content Marketing Personas: 10 Easy Steps

put the person back in content marketing personas with listening postsOK. A quick show of hands. Who uses the word “persona” regularly during conversations or presentations?

You can’t see it from where you’re sitting, but my hand is up. And I’m wincing a little.

Leave it to us word mashers on the marketing mountaintop to take out all of the innate humanness of people by labeling them as personas, and then gang-tackling those personas with a litany of adjectives, adverbs, and reported job duties — all to illustrate that we really understand our customers’ true needs.

Fret not. We’re going to put the “person” back in persona by walking through some really practical ways to understand exactly what your customer wants to consume. Continue Reading