Author: Manny Puentes

Manny Puentes is the chief technology officer for LinkSmart, where he leads product and engineering efforts for its text-linking and audience development solutions. He is a 15-year veteran of the publishing and software industries. You can connect with Manny on Twitter or LinkedIn.

By manny-puentes published November 20, 2013

Amp up Content Engagement By Revitalizing Your Archives: 3 Easy Tactics

full power-content engagementIn today’s fast-paced publishing world, website owners are faced with producing new content at a breakneck pace. Yet, despite all the energy that goes into creating that content, all too often those articles, slideshows, and videos have a short half-life, and are quickly forgotten after their initial publication.

If publishers and content marketers want to squeeze the most out of their ongoing content creation efforts, they must spend some time re-engaging with existing content and making sure it is being utilized to its fullest potential for content engagement.Continue Reading