Author: Lisa Kalner Williams

Lisa Kalner Williams is the lead social media strategist for Sierra Tierra Marketing and the content marketing director for Agorapulse. You might see her speaking across the country on how to better market using Instagram. Follow her on Twitter @kalnerwilliams.

By lisakalnerwilliams published March 1, 2018

What One Brand Did After It Created a Top 10 Blog


What would you do with a blog that averaged 150,000 monthly views?
Do tons more to drive leads, our team decided unanimously back in 2016.

Up until that point, we merely invited readers to consume our blog content, which focused on the latest social media trends. Readers were free to enter and leave the premises at any time. We didn’t ask for visitors’ email addresses in return for access. Even if we wanted to use in-your-face dropdowns begging for an address, we had no special content to offer.

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