Author: Lisa Welchman

A leading authority on digital governance, Lisa Welchman is president, digital governance solutions at ActiveStandards. Lisa's core strength is helping to resolve differences of opinion among digital stakeholders and maturing digital operations so it works in concert with organizational objectives. Lisa is a sought-after keynote speaker who presents at conferences around the globe. Follow her on Twitter @lwelchman.

By lisa-welchman published December 17, 2015

Governing Brand Identity in the Age of Social Media


This post was co-written by Kristina Podnar, VP of consulting services at ActiveStandards.

With each new wave of social software and tools, marketers have more prominent and sophisticated ways to adopt an online identity and interact with audiences – for better and for worse. The good thing is that organizations now engage with prospects, customers, and the world at large in ways inconceivable a decade ago. The not-so-good is that organizations no longer control their brand identity as they once did.Continue Reading