Author: Lisa Murton Beets

Lisa Murton Beets is Content Marketing Institute's research director. She oversees all aspects of our annual content marketing survey, as well as the reports we publish based on the findings. Lisa also works with CMI’s consulting/advisory and sales teams to develop and report on custom research surveys. Follow her @LisaBeets.

By lisa-murton-beets published July 19, 2018

5 Research-Based Actions to Improve Your Content Marketing


Editor’s note: The 2019 version of the article is available here.

A little over halfway through 2018, you may be looking for insights on how to maximize your content marketing efforts. Or, maybe you need some great stats to help you build your business case for content marketing.

Take stock of what CMI’s annual research with MarketingProfs revealed about the state of B2B content marketing in 2018 – and what you can do to focus your efforts for the best return. (And stay tuned for new research results this fall.)

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By lisa-murton-beets published May 30, 2018

4 Paths to Better Content Management and Strategy [New Research]


I’ve been in the content marketing space long enough to be familiar with the saying, “If you create all this great content and yet no one sees it, what’s the point?”

This simple question helps those starting in content marketing stay focused on the big picture.

Today, though, that saying should go something like this:

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By lisa-murton-beets published March 28, 2018

Thinking of Creating Original Research? 8 Things to Consider


If you’re thinking about conducting original research to use the data for your content marketing, there are important questions to ask before you get started.

I’m talking about collecting data to produce various types of content (e.g., blog posts, e-books, webinars, videos) for content marketing purposes. It’s helpful (versus promotional) content. It’s research-informed content that can help position your brand as a thought leader and draw attention to your solutions.

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By lisa-murton-beets published March 14, 2018

Tech Marketers Think Outside the Buyer’s Journey [New Research]

2018_Tech_ResearchAre technology marketers moving away from creating content for the buyer’s journey?

The CMI research team found ourselves asking this question as we analyzed the data from our eighth annual content marketing survey. Here’s the finding that got us talking:

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By lisa-murton-beets published January 17, 2018

5 Things Highly Committed Content Marketers Do Better [New UK Research]


Being committed to content marketing is a no-brainer requirement for success. But what may be surprising is how a small shift in commitment level can make a BIG difference in overall content marketing success.

This striking insight came from analyzing the U.K. data from our annual content marketing survey, as reported in today’s release of Content Marketing in the United Kingdom 2018: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends sponsored by Tomorrow People.

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By lisa-murton-beets published December 6, 2017

Are B2C Content Marketing Teams Getting What They Need to Succeed? [New Research]

2018-b2c-research-coverWe’ve all known (and probably been part of) small, focused teams that seem to produce incredible results. Unless these teams hang on to their tight focus, though, even the most impressive typically hit a wall. The organizational pressure to do more too often outpaces the team’s ability to keep up.

B2C marketers may be about to hit that stage given the signs that popped up as we read through the survey data and fill-in responses to the latest annual content marketing research. (You can read the full results in B2C Content Marketing 2018: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America, produced by CMI and MarketingProfs.)

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By lisa-murton-beets published November 15, 2017

Beyond the Build – What Content Marketers in Australia Must Do Next [New Research]


Like their peers in North America, Australian content marketers say their organizations are concentrating more on building audiences than they were a year ago.

As reported in Content Marketing in Australia 2018: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends, 85% of Australian respondents agree that their organization is focused on building an audience versus 69% last year. That’s a 23% year-over-year increase, which is higher than the 18% year-over-year increase reported by North American B2B content marketers.

85% of Australian respondents agree their org is focused on building an audience vs 69% last year. @cmicontent Click To Tweet

Growing your subscriber base is an important content marketing goal. However, long-term value is created by providing your target audience with valuable content they want to receive, and building trust over time – not just gathering email addresses.

While the increased focus on building audiences is great news, the data revealed additional opportunities for marketers to address for even better results.

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By lisa-murton-beets published November 1, 2017

6 Ways Manufacturing Marketers Can Improve Their Content Marketing [New Research]


With each passing year, there are more examples of manufacturers doing impressive things with content marketing. Though manufacturers have been slower than those in other industries to adopt the practice of content marketing, CMI’s annual survey a year ago indicated a breakthrough: 59% said their organization’s overall approach to content marketing was more successful compared with one year before, and most (82%) attributed that success mainly to doing a better job with content creation.

Even so, many manufacturing companies are in the young/first steps phases of content marketing maturity, as reported in today’s release of Manufacturing Content Marketing 2018: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America sponsored by IEEE GlobalSpec Media Solutions.

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By lisa-murton-beets published September 27, 2017

New Research Reveals Habits of Top Content Marketers


It’s my favorite time of the year – time to report on the findings of the annual content marketing survey. Now in our eighth year partnering with MarketingProfs on this research, I never stop getting excited about sharing the new insights with you.

B2B Content Marketing 2018: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America sponsored by Brightcove, indicates that B2B marketers continue to see content marketing success as they explore ways to work more creatively and build their audiences.

I’m thrilled that, like last year, nearly 65% of B2B marketers surveyed report more success with their overall content marketing compared with one year ago. How can marketers keep that momentum? How will you take your content marketing to the next level?

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By lisa-murton-beets published June 7, 2017

Interactive Content Fuels Customer Experiences [Research]

symphony-connected-interactive-content-marketingThink about the last time you took an online assessment or used a web-based calculator. You were probably engaged and learned something useful. It was an “experience,” right?

According to Content Marketing Institute’s latest research, nearly half (46%) of marketers surveyed are using interactive content. Their top reason for doing so? Engagement – followed by educating the audience, creating brand awareness, and lead generation.

Here are some other key findings from CMI’s white paper, The Symphony of Connected Interactive Content Marketing, sponsored by ion interactive. The paper presents the results of a survey CMI conducted in January and February 2017. We conducted the same survey in 2016, so the paper explores how some things have changed over the last year and includes guidance for using interactive content for content marketing purposes.Continue Reading