Author: Kristen Hicks

Kristen Hicks is a freelance writer who has worked with businesses in a variety of industries, including education, technology, and senior care. Check out her blog at Austin Copywriter, or follow her @atxcopywriter.

By kristen-hicks published June 9, 2016

Rich Results: 5 New SEO Strategies Marketers Must Use


Darn that Google. Just when you’ve got your digital marketing strategy figured out, including SEO, Google goes and changes things. Again and again. How inconvenient.

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By kristen-hicks published November 16, 2014

Why Content Creators Should Care About Adaptive Content

CMI_11.16_Adaptive-01Whether or not you’ve heard the term, you’ve probably seen adaptive content at work. By its very nature, adaptive content can be hard for an individual to spot, but chances are, it worked.

Businesses that have embraced adaptive content have seen huge returns. Website visitors who see content based on what the business already knows about them convert three to 10 times more than average. Those are the kinds of numbers of which all marketers dream.

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