Author: Kim Moutsos

Kim Moutsos leads the talented content team at the Content Marketing Institute, where she is vice president of editorial. Having worked in content marketing for enterprises and startups for more than 20 years, Kim enjoys exchanging ideas and lessons learned with other content marketing practitioners. You can follow her on Twitter at @KMoutsos or connect on LinkedIn.

By kmoutsos published May 16, 2022

4 Content Marketing Goals That Really Matter to the Business

Updated May 16, 2022

Have you ever heard a sales leader or business exec disparage content marketing or wonder about its business value?

They believe the myth that content marketing is some nebulous, feel-good, unmeasured thing that gets told too often. Several industry experts mentioned it when we asked about the most irritating content marketing misbeliefs last year:Continue Reading

By kmoutsos published April 28, 2022

Are NFTs Something Content Marketers Should Care About?

What’s your take on NFTs?

1. Yes, please.

2. Wait and see.

3. Pfft.

Brands like Gap, Coca-Cola, Adidas, Reebok, Lamborghini, and other consumer product companies would respond, “Yes, please,” as they have made splashy forays. News, sports, and entertainment brands have made moves, too.

If you haven’t gotten questions about how (or whether) your brand’s content strategy should include NFTs, it’s only a matter of time.

Before you answer the inevitable question, you should understand some NFT basics and know how they can be used.Continue Reading

By kmoutsos published February 4, 2022

Get Strategic About Content Planning

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By kmoutsos published November 18, 2021


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By kmoutsos published October 27, 2021

How’d You Make That Flipping Awesome Content for HBO?

If your content went away, would anyone miss it?

That classic question should keep every content marketer up at night – or at least occupy a healthy portion of gray matter during strategy and planning sessions.

But what if your job is to market a content product – to make sure the audience develops such a deep relationship with it that they will certainly miss it – only for it to be canceled? How do you keep the audience and turn their attention to new shows?Continue Reading

By kmoutsos published September 30, 2021

How’d You Make That Flipping Awesome B2C Content for AARP?

If your content is for everyone, it’s for no one.

No one would accuse AARP of ignoring that truism. The association’s massive-circulation magazine and bulletin offer pitch-perfect content for the over 50 crowd. They go further by recognizing the differing needs, interests, and experiences of the Gen X, baby boomer, and silent or greatest generations who make up that group.

And they’ve gone even further in the last few years, including the 2018 launch of the e-newsletter and website, Sisters From AARP for Black women over 40. Originally, the site simply served as a home for the articles in the newsletter lineup.

“I remind Sisters From AARP’s multigenerational contributors that the organization touches every generation,” explains Claire McIntosh, editor-in-chief. “The younger you are, the more you need AARP. Sisters’ outreach and strategy takes that into account.”Continue Reading

By kmoutsos published September 28, 2021

7 ‘Secrets’ of Award-Winning B2B and B2C Content Marketing Programs

Ever look at an organization’s content and think, “How do they do it?”

Same here. So we asked a group of admired content leaders – 2021 Content Marketer of the Year finalists – for a peek behind the curtain of what makes their award-winning projects work. (Each nominee this year worked on a winning entry in at least one category in the Content Marketing Awards.)Continue Reading

By kmoutsos published June 30, 2021


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By kmoutsos published June 17, 2021

25+ Expert Takeaways About Content Strategy, Experiences, Tech, Analytics, SEO, and More

How do you summarize the takeaways from a conference packed with great ideas and advice?

That’s a familiar challenge for every conference attendee who’s struggled to share their experience and learnings with managers and colleagues who couldn’t attend. It’s hard enough to boil down all the notes you took, tweets you shared, and pictures you snapped. But what about all the sessions you couldn’t watch because you can’t be everywhere at once?Continue Reading

By kmoutsos published May 27, 2021

6 Content Calendar Strategies That Work Better Than Waiting for Inspiration

Updated May 27, 2021

You have a documented content marketing strategy. You’ve outlined your quarterly plan, aligning your messages and goals with demand gen, sales, customer success, and other teams. But you still have slots to fill in your editorial calendar.

Most marketers have experienced this moment. You generally know what you need to produce, but specific story ideas seem just out of reach.

When this happens, you have two choices: Wait for inspiration to strike or develop a system to find stellar ideas to fill the calendar.

This post is not for those who choose to hold out for a flash of creative inspiration. It’s for anyone ready to do the dirty work of finding hidden content opportunities to shape and polish into something brilliant.Continue Reading