Author: Kathryn Hawkins

Kathryn Hawkins is a principal in Eucalypt Media LLC, a Maine content marketing agency that provides consulting and creative services to corporate, educational, and non-profit clients in New England and beyond, and a freelance writer for media publications. Eucalypt Media also owns and operates, a website and daily newsletter dedicated to good news and self-improvement, which averages more than 100,000 unique readers each month. Follow Kathryn on Twitter @kathrynhawkins.

By kathryn-hawkins published January 6, 2015

How to Know When You Need a Content Marketing Agency

Content_Marketing_Agency_0116_Hawkins_CoverContent marketing agencies don’t try to compete with the full-service marketing agencies. They aren’t the be-everything-to-everyone resource, but they do offer unique value to a cross section of the business community that can benefit from an agency dedicated to content.

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By kathryn-hawkins published March 3, 2013

4 Content Marketing Ideas for Colleges and Universities

college buildingAmerica is crazy about colleges. The United States is home to more than 4,000 accredited institutions of higher learning, ranging from two-year vocational schools to small liberal arts colleges to huge state universities.

All have the same goals: attracting high-quality students, recruiting great faculty and staff, encouraging alumni to make donations to support school programs, and building up the school’s brand recognition and reputation.

In order to stand out from their many competitors, it’s essential to focus on content marketing, making use of both traditional and digital strategies. Here are some effective tactics and outstanding examples of university content marketing. Continue Reading

By kathryn-hawkins published March 19, 2012

4 Ways to Tell if You’re Getting the Right Visitors to Your Business Blog

When you’re looking at your business blog metrics, it’s always nice to see high traffic. But the number of visitors your site receives is just a small part of the picture. What’s even more important? Finding out whether your visitors are truly engaging with your content — and, even more importantly, if your site visitors are viable sales prospects.

Try these strategies for assessing whether your content marketing efforts are reaching the right audiences.

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