Author: Kate Winkler

Kate Winkler is the CEO of—a virtual receptionist and live chat company serving more than 14,000 small businesses. Kate is a passionate and driven leader with expertise in customer experience, software, high-growth business models, and complex mergers and acquisitions. Follow her on Twitter @CallRuby.

By kate-winkler published April 19, 2022

How To Bring Big Word-of-Mouth Content to Your Marketing

Every customer has the potential to alter perceptions of your business positively or negatively. When handled proactively, their word-of-mouth influence can be a powerful tool for your content marketing team.

Not only is word-of-mouth marketing much more cost-effective than paid strategies, it can produce a greater impact in the short and long term. Research from Kantar found that 93% of consumers say they trust their family and friends and 91% trust review sites for brand and service information. Advertising was at the bottom of the list – only 38% say they trust it.Continue Reading