Author: Justyn Hornor

When he's not being a complete goofball, “they” drag Justyn into the office where he pretends to be a Senior Editor and Content Engineer at Creative Content Experts — a content marketing firm out of NW Arkansas. He has 10+ years’ experience in technical writing and geek-related fields. He loves WordPress, coffee, and peanut butter a little too much. Follow him on Twitter @jphornor, on LinkedIn, or on Google+.

By justyn-hornor published September 21, 2012

Google News Rolls Out News_Keywords — How Will It Affect Your Content Efforts?

Introducing “news_keywords” — the latest, greatest method for keyword optimizing news feeds for Google News. And I’ve got some tips to help you implement this today on your CMS-powered site.Continue Reading

By justyn-hornor published September 15, 2012

What Content Marketers Need to Know About Responsive Web Design

If there were a technology that was strongly endorsed by Google and other search engines, that could effectively eliminate the need for separate mobile sites, and that could help standardize how content is delivered on the Internet, then you’d probably want to know a lot about it right? As content marketers, you’d think this would be pretty important for our clients and employers.Continue Reading