Author: Juliet Stott

Juliet Stott is a partner and head of content at a content marketing agency, White Horse Digital (York, London, Singapore). Follow her on twitter @JulietStott, LinkedIn or contact her at [email protected]

By juliet-stott published April 7, 2013

Inspire Powerful Content From Your Brand Fans: 5 Examples and Ideas

share powerful content experiencesContent marketers can learn a lot from the millennials. It’s been said that these young, mobile, and socially savvy consumers value their experiences over their possessions. And it’s for this reason that there are tremendous opportunities for content marketers to tap into this trend and give this demographic an opportunity to share/declare and report on its experiences — otherwise known in the marketing world as user-generated content (UGC).

The beauty of UGC is that it provides a win-win situation for both sides: Brands get to develop a deeper engagement with their audience by creating a platform where their consumers can gather and socialize (that they can control and monitor) and, in turn, consumers get exclusive access to products and services — which they can boast about to their friends.Continue Reading