Author: Julie Wingerter

Julie Wingerter works in strategic partnerships at SnapApp, which has an interactive content creation platform that enables B2B marketers to improve ROI by up to 50% across all their existing demand gen programs. You can follow her on Twitter @JWingerter.

By julie-wingerter published September 6, 2015

5 Interactive Calls to Action That Prospects Can’t Resist


Are your marketing efforts falling a bit flat? Are open rates, click-through rates, and lead flow less than stellar? If you were 100% honest, would you click on your brand’s latest “download our new white paper” call to action?

For many marketers, the challenge isn’t just creating content – it’s making it remarkable. Prospects crave something different. You can pique their interest and curiosity with more compelling calls to action that offer something unique or unusual. Following up a unique CTA with an unusual piece of content is even more powerful.Continue Reading

By julie-wingerter published March 17, 2015

More Than Quizzes: 3 Types of Interactive Content That Drive Leads


This post isn’t about quizzes. It’s not that we don’t live, love, and share quizzes. It’s that you already know they are wildly popular, hugely successful, and a must-do in your marketing plan. This piece focuses on interactive content beyond online test-taking.Continue Reading