Author: Julie Gauthier

Julie is the director of marketing at, a content marketing software vendor. At, Julie leads all aspects of inbound marketing, demand generation, brand marketing and product marketing. Before joining, Julie had built the marketing strategy and managed operations for a similar B2B SaaS software start-up in San Francisco. Julie has a master's degree in Consulting & Strategy from a leading French business school and has worked in various marketing capacities and in different countries for Apple, l’Oréal, Cartier, and Weave Consulting. Besides being a sports addict (ski, field hockey, muay thai, paragliding, etc.), Julie loves eating and traveling.

By julie-gauthier published October 4, 2016

3 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Content


All things being equal, content that generates results over a long period will win over content with a shorter life span.

But time is a difficult thing in content marketing. With 9,100 tweets scrolling by per second, the average lifetime of a single tweet is no more than 18 minutes. Twitter is our live radio broadcast, Facebook is live TV. Content doesn’t stick there, but is washed away by the next update almost as soon as you’ve hit publish.Continue Reading