Author: Jonas Sickler

Jonas Sickler is the SEO manager for Terakeet, an enterprise SEO company serving the Fortune 1000 along with some of the most prominent disruptors in the market. Jonas writes about online reputation management, SEO, and marketing. His advice has been featured in more than 100 publications, including Forbes, CNBC, Marketo, Chief Marketer, U.S. News and Business News Daily. Follow him on Twitter @JonasSickler.

By jonassickler published October 16, 2019

Thin Content: Why You Should Fix or Remove Low-Quality Web Pages

If you’ve performed a content audit for a website that is older than a decade (or even five years), you may have unearthed the remnants of a very different initial content marketing strategy. Blog post topics overlap, 200- and 300-word articles fill the resource section, the once-rushed landing page now sits with its original 100 words.

These thin pages now sit forgotten, representing a bygone era in SEO.

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