Author: Jon Thomas

Jon Thomas is a digital storyteller with a passion for helping organizations and brands effectively tell their stories, engage audiences, and build deep relationships. Jon is the Communications Director at Story Worldwide, the first post-advertising agency, and the founder of Presentation Advisors, a presentation design and training firm. He is an avid blogger on storytelling, marketing, and presentation design topics. You can follow him on Twitter @Story_Jon.

By jon-thomas published February 23, 2012

How to Guide Your Customer’s Journey Through 6 Points of Content

Consumers rarely buy anything of significant value on the spot anymore. We spend considerable time doing extensive research even about which restaurant we’ll spend $30 at for lunch. Can you imagine how much research a potential customer might do about a $3,000 television or, more importantly, your company’s $50,000 service?

“ABC: Always Be Closing” is a saying we’re familiar with — even if we’re not in sales. But given the amount of time consumers spend online consuming information, the most important moment in the customer-acquisition process isn’t closing anymore — it’s the journey there. And it’s up to you to guide potential customers on that journey. ABG: Always Be Guiding!

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