Author: John Miller

John Miller is the Founder and President of Scribewise, an outsourced newsroom that helps organizations to implement and execute their content strategy. He spent 15 years working in some of the country’s fastest paced newsrooms, and has led marketing efforts for brands from Aqua America to Zipcar. Follow him on Twitter @ScribeMiller.

By john-miller published July 21, 2013

Turn Your People into Better Brand Journalists: 4 Newsroom Practices

brand journalistsYour organization has embraced content marketing and you’ve gotten into a good rhythm of creating content, including several weekly blog posts, a monthly infographic, and quarterly white papers. You’re getting terrific feedback from your audience, and the sales teams’ conversations with prospects are being conducted on a higher plane — focused on benefits rather than features.

You’re off to a great start. However, you’ve only started to scratch the surface of the content possibilities because your audience reach is still limited — while your corner of the world is engaged, you aren’t quite at the center of the wider industry conversation yet.Continue Reading