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John Hall is the chief strategist of Relevance, a growth marketing agency. He authored the best-selling book “Top of Mind,” published by McGraw-Hill. John has been called a top “sales speaker”, “social media speaker” and “motivational speaker” that people should pay attention to. Follow him on Twitter @JohnHall.

By john-hall published July 5, 2022

How To Choose the Right Publication To Pitch (and Earn Editors’ Love)

Updated July 5, 2022

Content marketers know how to sway people. You know exactly who your audience is, what they need, and exactly how they want to consume it.

You can use the same skillset to persuade editors at third-party outlets to publish your contributed content. Then, you can widen your brand’s reach to new people who have an interest in your content.Continue Reading

By john-hall published June 26, 2019

Shares Don’t Cut It: Pick Better Metrics for Demand and Lead Gen

Setting goals is the first step in establishing a valuable content marketing strategy, but how do you know when those goals have been achieved? It’s impossible to know how close – or far – you are if you don’t know how to measure the journey.

Developing an understanding of your key metrics is critical to keeping track of what your content is doing in the world. Establishing standards for assessing your content’s success is the only way to understand the value content brings to your business. Yet, CMI’s 2019 B2B Content Marketing Research shows that only a quarter of marketers say they are proficient in using their selected metrics.

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By john-hall published September 18, 2017

How to Use Your Content Marketing Strategy to Write a Book


Joe Pulizzi said it best when he wrote, “a book is perhaps the ultimate piece of content marketing that can position you or your company as a leading expert in your industry.”

Writing and publishing a book can provide substantial value to your company. By authoring and publishing a book, your company can engage your audience on another level, generate opportunity in the form of new business and press, and cement itself as an industry leader.

Just publishing a book, though, doesn’t guarantee that you achieve any of these results. It doesn’t even guarantee that your book will be read by the audience you want to read it. For your company to achieve these kinds of results – the kind of results that should sound familiar to any fellow content marketer – your book needs to be guided by a strategy. Ideally, that strategy is the same one you use to direct your other content initiatives.

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By john-hall published May 31, 2015

2 Things and 9 Tips That Brand Marketers Can Learn from Publications


American Express’ OPEN Forum stands out as a content marketing success story. By enlisting professional writers and focusing on quality, the OPEN Forum team turned its platform into a widely read site that has become one of the best client sources for American Express.

American Express followed the lead of traditional publishers – something all marketers could stand to learn. The best traditional publications are consumer-oriented, while brands often publish with a “me” mentality. When a business becomes so focused on sales numbers, it can quickly turn off audiences with sales- or spam-like content. Traditional media, on the other hand, builds engaged, loyal audiences that it can monetize. By following the lead of successful publications, brands can use some of those dollars to attract qualified clients.Continue Reading

By john-hall published May 11, 2015

How to Build a Knowledge Bank to Fuel Your Content Marketing Strategy


Many companies think they need to shield their knowledge from the outside world to stay competitive, and they’ll only exchange intel with paying customers. But business – and the relationships that drive it – doesn’t work this way anymore.

Sixty percent of people are inspired to seek a product after reading about it, and if you want to win these sales, you need to let your audience in on a few secrets.Continue Reading

By john-hall published June 21, 2012

How Not to Come Across as an Egomaniac When Building your Professional Brand

building your professional brand, CMIWe live in a world where image is everything. It’s common for people to base their decisions — on anything from candy bars to new cars — on appearance alone. That being said, there are good ways (and not-so-good ways) to make your personal brand stand out. Here are some guidelines for creating content that shines a positive light on your image, without coming off as overly self-serving. Content marketing is extremely influential for your brand, and if you come across as an egomaniac, you will be taking two steps back, rather than taking your brand to a new level.Continue Reading